Canon PIXMA G1110 Driver & Software Download

Canon PIXMA G1110 Driver & Software Download

Canon IJetSetup – The G1110 Ink Jacket Printer features a simple, intelligent integrated black system design that allows the front to access the surface of the blackness and establish the display. In addition, the size of the black bottle to simplify the user experience, the maximum possible spills, leaks, and stains.

The printer also features a mixed black system that uses bright curvature for printing high image quality, dark black, sharp text quality, and visual effects of the orange and dye color mixture black. This printer merges a large ink absorber/waste ink pad to help to further reduce the blackness for high-printing skins. G1110 continues to provide air safety, high quality, sustainable, and flexible tubes when the printer is not in use to prevent the blackness from drying.

This method of supplementing blackness provides a low price per page and high page count, with 6,000 pages with a black bottle and 7,000 pages in the color black. Blackwater bottles provide a large black disability, with 135 ml of black and 70 ml of black water per color black bottle.

Other new features of the new G1110 include a maximum color solution of 4800 dpi, an early fast black installation set-up time frame (approximately 6 minutes), border printing, a print speed of 8.8 images per minute (ipm) in B/W, and 5.0 ipm colors

The new Palma G1110 offers all the benefits to meet all people who value high production and real quality. Welcome to a pleasant printing experience with a relaxing filling blackness.

Speed and quality.

  • Mixed ink system: Collect to write color clean text with black version black.
  • Integrated Blackness System: The intelligence design which allows the front to access the inx and establish the level of blackness for exposure.
  • High page output: Maximum production by printing up to 6,000 pages in THE BK and up to 7,000 pages in color.
  • Low price per print: High volume black bottles provide high production and lower operating costs per page.
  • Fast Border Picture: A beautiful, bordered 4xx 6x 60 seconds picture.
  • Instant print documents and web pages: 8.8 pictures per minute (ipm) print documents and web pages, and print 5.0 pictures per minute (ipm) in black.
  • High resolution: 4800 x 1200 Max color dpi produces incredible quality and detail.

Ease of use.

  • On AutoPower: This facility is automatically the power of the printer when you send a picture or document to print.
  • Interesting filter effects: Add new effects such as the snout, small, toy camera, soft focus, and blurry background before printing to make the picture interesting.
  • My Picture Garden: My Picture Garden software allows you to access, organize, and personalize your favorite photos.
  • Full HD Movie Print: Complete HD Film Print Software Canon EOS Capture Your Favorite HD Movie Clips with a selection of Digital SLR or PowerShot Digital Cameras and Digital Cameras for Beautiful Printing.
  • Quiet mode: Print silence and don’t disturb people around you.


  • Faster USB: Plug the cable into the computer to connect to the data transfer of super-fast data.


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