Canon PIXMA iP90 Printer Driver Download

Canon PIXMA iP90 Printer Driver Download – The Canon PIXMA iP90 portable photo printer offers great prints for mobile users. The 1.8kg unit prints better and faster than its predecessor, the Canon i80, competing with full-size rivals.

We recorded the iP90’s text printing at 6.3 pages per minute (ppm) — faster than many desktop inkjet printers and 10% faster than the i80. Color graphics came in at a relatively slow 1.4ppm, but our test photos printed in a reasonable 2 minutes and 33 seconds, almost a minute faster than the i80.

The iP90 produced text documents with finely shaped characters in our quality tests. The print is dark and very easy to read, although we did notice the characters were slightly out of tune on a few occasions. There was also a moderate amount of banding in our plain paper color art and line art samples, but overall, the clarity of the print impressed us. On photo paper, color and gray images appear slightly lighter; compared to prints from full-size inkjets, the image lacks contrast, making it look a little blurry. That said, the unit produces incredibly sharp photos for a portable printer.

The iP90 comes with a 198gm universal power adapter, but you’ll need to use the optional battery and charging kit or car power adapter for maximum uptime on your trips.

The iP90 offers many connectivity options but lacks the memory card slot found on some portable printers. In addition to the USB port, there’s a built-in infrared port (useful for phone cameras), a PictBridge port for compatible cameras, and a Bluetooth option.

Of course, a light and small printer, but given the small size of the ink cartridges, this portable printer may also need to be used sparingly.

Over the years, I have reviewed some portable printer models from Canon and have all been pleasantly surprised by their quality and versatility.

As usual with inkjet printers, the stated printing speed seems unattainable. However, printing 200-word pages in ‘Fast’ mode yields 10PPM instead of the ‘up to 16 PPM’ claim. The original page of black text appears at 7PPM, and when in ‘Quick’ mode, the text is slightly gray and very clear.

This is a four-ink two cartridge printer, and it is small, so heavy use will also be a bit expensive. I am very happy with the output quality for an A5 (postcard) sized graphic, and it took over two minutes to print. The results are touchable. This unit can print up to A4 borderless, and although I doubt you will ever use this unit as a standard tool for printing A4 borderless, the quality is great, and the images take over six minutes to print. Again, they are perfectly touchable as soon as they are printed.

Anyone who needs a printer with them to produce output anywhere, such as instant quotes, will find the ideal unit. If lack of power is an issue, then an optional battery pack can be used. Bluetooth can also come in handy, especially when printing directly from the handheld. This will also suit the infrared capabilities.

Once the lid is open, there are two on/off and paper feed controls. My only concern with this excellent printer is the cost of the ink. The small cartridges are BCI-15 Black and BCI-16 TriColour. Most manufacturers aren’t clear on page counts, but Canon is trying to explain. Black is said to last 80 pages at 5% coverage, while tricolor lasts 100 pages at 5% coverage. No one clearly explains what 5% coverage looks like, and of course, with colors that require the use of the same three colors. But even then, it needs further clarification with a longer note than the explanation.

If you only print a little, this unit can be for you. If you need a printer on the go, this printer is for you, and if you need to print without power, this is one of the few mainstream printers that can work with rechargeable battery packs.

Canon PIXMA iP90 Printer Driver Download for Windows Download

Download —> Canon PIXMA iP90 series Canon Inkjet Printer Driver Add-On Module (Windows)

Download —> Canon PIXMA iP90 Full Software Package (Windows)
Download —> Canon PIXMA iP90 EasyPhotoPrint EX (Windows)

Canon PIXMA iP90 Printer Driver Download for Mac Download

Download —> Canon PIXMA iP90 series CUPS Printer Driver (Mac)
Download —> Canon PIXMA iP90 series Full Driver & Software Package (Mac)

Download —> Canon PIXMA iP90 Full Software Package (Mac)
Download —> Canon PIXMA iP90 EasyPhotoPrint EX (Mac)

Canon PIXMA iP90 Manual User Guide

Download —> Canon PIXMA iP90 series Printer User Guide

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