Canon Pixma MX882 Driver Software Setup

Canon Pixma MX882 Driver Software Setup

Canon Pixma MX882 Driver Software Setup -The PIXMA MX882 Wireless Inkjet Office All-In-One brings fantastic quality, speed and convenience to your business. Implicit Wi-Fi®1 allows you to print and output from any room in your home while you produce archives and photographs with a 9600 x 2400 most extreme tone dpi2, 1picoliter and a 5 individual ink tank framework. Its Dual Function Panel gives smoothed-out controls and capacity fastens that change into a keypad while in fax mode for simpler activity.

An inherent, completely incorporated 35-sheet Duplex Auto Document Feeder implies quick replicating examining and faxing of your firsts so you can perform multiple tasks while the printer is busy working. To build home office effectiveness and efficiency, Built-in Auto Duplex Printing prints 2-sided archives without having to physically flip the pages. This can diminish your paper utilization by up to half. Furthermore, Super G3 High-speed Fax3 and networkable Ethernet guarantee proficient correspondence and gratitude to Dual Color Gamut Processing Technology, your duplicates will keep up the respectability of the first while delivering filters at 4800 dpi. You can likewise use different security highlights like secret word ensured PDF’s to privately make and appropriate your most significant records.

Canon Pixma MX882 Ink Cartridges

At the point when you open up the printer to introduce your ink cartridges, you’ll note that the PIXMAMX882 has spaces for 5 ink cartridges, 3 tones and 4 dark ink. Purchasers on a tight spending plan will be diminished in the way that every last one of these cartridges can be exclusively supplanted at the expense of about $14USD, which is a long ways from what a portion of the better quality printers requires. Indeed, even at that, the value we recorded is from Canon’s site; in the event that you glance around on the web, we’ve discovered viable cartridges at a large portion of the expense.

The MX882 is adequately straightforward to set up, and should take you no longer than 15 minutes to get all the product and drivers introduced, however, you would prefer. Should you end up lost or uncertain of what to do straightaway, the “beginning” guide will take you through every one of the essential advances rather productively. Whenever you’ve put the product in the CD plate, and run the utility, you may choose to introduce the surprisingly careful virtual manual, which will help you should an issue emerge.

Canon Pixma MX882 Drivers

Canon commonly has incredible drivers for its printers, and the MX882 is the same: the driver alternatives for the PIXMAMX882 are genuinely basic and direct, also useful. It is extremely simple to achieve practically anything you could need your printer to do with the exception of making it fly: on the two Windows and Mac, the driver utilities are exceptionally simple to utilize. Should you run into any issues, there is a remembered virtual manual for the introduce circle to advise and prepare you to dodge issues that emerge. The following are screens of the Mac drivers.

Canon Pixma MX882 Design

This is the principal driver page. From here you can adjust the design, number, line, or printing presets related to your prints.

Canon Pixma MX882 Quality and Media

On this screen, you can tell your PIXMA MX882 what kind of media you mean to print on, and at what quality. A fairly little however irritating idiosyncrasy of the MX882 is the way that when you first print on your unit, the default paper source is set to print from the tape, and not the heaping plate.

Shading Options

With the shading balance screen, you can modify your printer’s shading choices and shading balance, alongside splendor, difference, and power.

Supply Levels

A generally standard component with fresher printers’ product, the stockpile level screen allows you to screen the ink levels of your MX882 without futzing with the on-board controls before you print.

Canon Pixma MX882 Software

Notwithstanding the variety of drivers and virtual manual, the establishment CD accompanies Canon’s EasyPrint programming, a straightforward picture altering interface. The EasyPrint programming permits you to print particular things with your MX882 like schedule pages, insofar as they can be imprinted on paper that is 8.5 inches wide.

Simple PhotoPrint EX

Remembered for the product plate is Canon’s Easy-PhotoPrint EX programming. While it is moderately essential for photograph altering programming, it takes care of business without any difficulty.

Photograph Print Speed

In light of everything, the MX882 really handles photograph printing genuinely well. For 4 x 6 inch prints, it can put out one each 25 or so seconds at top caliber. The MX882 handles photograph prints up to 8 x 10 inches, which can be printed at a pace of 1 at regular intervals, which is incredible at a printer at its cost point. Ordinarily we see printers around this expense to take any longer for these sizes of print, yet the MX882 appears to float through them, notwithstanding how long it requires for the printer to introduce. For additional on how we test print speeds, see this page.

Archive Print Speed 

When printing archives at its greatest, the Canon PIXMAMX882 can figure out how to produce pages at a pace of 1.12 PPM (pages each moment). While it isn’t just about as delayed as the ink strip printers of old, it’s delayed for an advanced printer. In any case, it is not necessarily the case that it’s a totally sluggish printer: on different modes, it figures out how to put out pages at a fair clasp. On “quick” mode it can print pages at 8.06 PPM, and on the “standard” print quality, you can expect print velocities of up to 3.99 PPM.

Print Initialization

Snap on the “print” button ye strong, and despair. Why? Since the MX882 sets aside an inconceivably long effort to introduce. In spite of the fact that you will not endure the existential tension related with the section of ages, know that if your printer doesn’t begin producing pages following 30 seconds, it’s not imperfect: it simply takes always to plan to print. This long delay likewise reappears when imprinting in “standard” quality, now and then stopping for as long as 20 seconds in the middle of pages.

Shading Accuracy

Frequently we find that printers will accompany at any rate a little piece of paper, yet the MX882 doesn’t. Thusly we had to utilize our inventory of IlfordGalerie gleaming paper. Looking at our exceptionally fabricated printer profile versus the included one, we found that you are undeniably less inclined to endure recognizable shading mistake on the off chance that you permit the actual printer to deal with the shading the board. All things considered, this doesn’t imply that it performs well in this test, as it actually battles a piece with shading exactness. For additional subtleties on how our shading exactness tests are done.

The outline beneath shows the outcomes: the number in every one of the shading patches is the CIDE 2000 shading distinction.

As you may have seen, our custom profile made each shading hazier oddly enough, so we’d recommend allowing the printer to deal with the shading the board for the best precision. You can see from the chips over that the best reliably terrible wellspring of blunder came from the greyscale in our custom profile, and in the included profile, the MX882 battled a piece with blues.

Profundity of Blacks

The MX882 has a noteworthy dMax mean thickness of 2.62, which is head and shoulders above numerous printers available today. It’s not comparable to say, the Epson R3000, but rather it’s as yet amazing from an across the board printer. Since the Canon MX882’s dMax score is so high, prints will have more effect in view of a lot more extensive difference proportion. For additional subtleties on how we test the profundity of blacks in prints, see here.


Generally speaking, the MX882 handles fine detail too as can be considered typical for a mid-range printer, figuring out how to keep up some fine detail, yet battling on high-contrast detail. Except for minor issues in the shading angles, the MX882 really figured out how to limit detail mistakes in every one of the prints we test. For reference, we generally utilize the most elevated level of detail accessible to clients by means of the exclusive drivers for our test prints, forfeiting speed for quality.

The MX882 appears to deal with shading slopes well, deficient with regards to the trademark shading banding of lower-quality printers in the greater part of its strips. It appeared in the blue strip, which may imply that you could see a touch of shading banding in pictures of blue skies on the off chance that they’re fairly more obscure blue, however it shouldn’t destroy any photographs.

Test Scan Comparisons

The MX882 made a reasonable showing here, outside of a frustrating score with the sharp edges. The vast majority of the detail was all around protected, yet there are a couple of clear imperfections. Strikingly, the definition on the numerous little lines that make up the Alice.

Canon Pixma MX882 Ink/Toner

If you somehow managed to open up the printer and look inside at the ink cartridges, you’d see three shading cartridges, one dim cartridge and one dark cartridge. Canon didn’t actually stack the MX882 for bear, however they do give an adequate measure of ink to print a fairly respectable amount of pages. At the lab, we print several hundred pages for our tests, and it didn’t seem like the ink cartridges were excessively depleted before the finish of our testing extent.

Ink/Toner Management

Canon’s drivers make a reasonable showing of ensuring you know about how much ink you have left, in the event that you realize where to look. You can likewise make a brisk check of your ink levels with the locally available screen, however it’s definitely less exact than the driver utility. Through the entirety of our tests, we didn’t figure out how to arrive at a low ink caution, however in the past Canon has chosen to tell you that you ought to supplant your cartridges when they get down to about 20% limit, which will in any case give you numerous prints before you fall into difficulty.

You can likewise take a gander at your ink levels on the screen of the MX882 unit itself. It’s not exact up to the picoliter, but rather it’ll give you an overall thought regarding the number of fifths of an absolute ink cartridge you have left in your machine.


In light of the scope of capacities of the MX882, the scope of media you can print on is fairly restricted contrasted with a portion of the better quality models of printer out available today. For instance, you can’t make standard prints or paper prints more than 8.5 inches wide. Neither would you be able to print on viable DVDs or CDs. It is anything but an ideal printer for specialists, yet hello, it’s incredible for a home office.

Paper Storage

The Canon PIXMAMX882 gives a few choices for paper stockpiling, however risks are acceptable that you’ll essentially be utilizing the back paper plate for the greater part of your printing occupations at home. While it can’t hold a whole ream of paper, it should keep you appeased with a limit of 150 pages. The choice additionally exists to utilize the tape (excluded) to make your prints, and it likewise has a similar paper limit as the back load plate.

On-Printer Controls

Despite the fact that it’s an issue on most printers, a seriously frustrating aspect concerning the Canon PIXMA MX882 is the way that its on-printer controls, while standard, are somewhat aggravating in the event that you need to enter in your remote secret phrase utilizing just the D-cushion and the “Alright” button. In any case, there’s truly little use for a whole QWERTY console on a printer, so we have no better alternatives.

The scope of physical contorls on the MX882 is very great, as the versatile keys on the unit permit you to explore more menus with less extranneous choices, and the few menus permit you great control of the printer’s abilities. Beside the versatile keys, there are catches for each significant arrangement you could need.

On-Printer Display

On the facade of the PIXMA MX882 is a little, 2″ LCD screen that permits clients to change settings on their printer physically, see ink levels, and set up your remote record data in addition to other things. In spite of the fact that the actual screen is moderately splendid, it has a smallish goal which can make its image blocky. In any case, this presumably is definitely not an immense arrangement to most clients, as things like the ink level are estimated in bars that inexact their levels, rather than the genuine levels.

On-Printer Menus

The on-printer menus are somewhat cumbersome, yet in any case utilitarian. When opened, you can see ink levels, remote settings, and even change a portion of your included print settings directly from the actual printer.

Media Slots

The MX882 has a couple media openings on the facade of the unit, ensured by a little entryway on the correct side. when you open this, you’ll see that you can connect your Memory Sticks, Compact Flash cards, or any cycle of SD cards you may have laying about, if you have the connector for the completely estimated openings.

Remote and Network

Inside the interior circiutry of the Canon PIXMA MX882 is a 802.11/n remote card, permitting you to share your printer over a home remote organization. In spite of the fact that it’s an extremely pleasant element to have, printers these days have this pretty much norm on even a portion of the more essential models.


In spite of the fact that the iP2702 has undeniably less shading mistake than the MX882, it is still a piece more slow than it. In the event that you need something printed off in a rush, don’t expect both of these printers to get you what you need in a convenient design. In the event that detail is something you esteem profoundly, you might need to stay with the iP2702, as it improves detail entertainment, regardless of whether its shading inclinations are to some degree more unfortunate than that of the MX882.

Inks and Media

Becuase the iP2702 has less ink cartridges and lower absolute volume of ink, you can expect that you’ll be out running for more ink cartridges quicker. Since the more modest iP2702 utilizes one tone cortridge, that implies you’ll need to run out each time you exhaust one tone in your cartridge, instead of having the option to ration ink and just supplant one tone. Neither one of the printers can deal with any particular media.

Being used

Where the iP2702 is to a greater extent a no frills printer, the MX882 is an across the board, permitting the client to duplicate, fax, output, and print without any difficulty. You unquestionably pay more for these capacities, yet relying upon your necessities, you may not need the additional usefulness and choose for set aside yourself some cash.


The Artisan 50 is definitely not a quick printer, as the MX882 leaves it in the residue speed-wise. In spite of the fact that the two of them print moderately gradually (with the MX882 having the smallest of esges), the Artisan 50 has a significantly more exact shading portrayal. Despite the fact that it is anything but an enormous arrangement to the individuals who aren’t specialists, this could be sufficient to steer the results in the Artisan 50’s kindness, on the off chance that you place high an incentive in shading precision.

Canon Pixma MX882 Driver & Software for Windows Download

Download —> IJ Start Canon Pixma MX882 Full Set Up Driver (Windows)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 series XPS Drivers (Windows)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 series MP Drivers (Windows)

Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 Full Software Package (Windows)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 EasyPhotoPrint Editor (Windows)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 My Image Garden (Windows)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 series Quick Menu (Windows)

Canon Pixma MX882 Driver & Software for Mac Download

Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 series CUPS Printer Driver (Mac)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 ICA Driver (Mac)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 series Scanner Driver & Software Package (Mac)

Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 EasyPhotoPrint Editor (Mac)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 My Image Garden (Mac)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 series Quick Menu (Mac)

Canon Pixma MX882 Manual User Guide for Windows, Mac & Linux

Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 Guide for Quick Menu (Mac)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 Guide for My Image Garden (Mac)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 User Manual (Mac)

Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 Guide for Quick Menu (Windows)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 Guide for My Image Garden (Windows)
Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 User Manual (Windows)

Download —> Canon Pixma MX882 series Getting Started Guide

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